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Scott Curran, MA, LICSW, CSM has a lot of letters after his name! He is a Dodge Center based licensed therapist, counselor, business consultant and coach with over 20 years of experience. He is originally from Rochester, and he and his family moved to Dodge Center 3 years ago to be close to his wife's family. After many years of working as part of a company, Scott decided to open his own business, and work virtually, utilizing easy to use video meetings over the internet.

Scott provides cost-effective customized services for companies and individuals. On the business side of things, Scott is a design thinking and agile methodology consultant and coach. With his expertise in human-centered design, problem-solving capabilities, and focus on innovation, he will help your business create products and services that customers love, while fostering a culture of collaboration and adaptability. Scott specializes in these areas and also contracts with companies in the areas of project management, program development, launching new initiatives, and program evaluation.

As a licensed clinician, Scott also provides coaching, counseling, and therapy to businesses, teams, and individuals. In today's competitive business landscape, ensuring the well-being and mental health of employees is more critical than ever. He provides conflict resolution, team-employee skill-building workshops, executive coaching, organizational health assessments. and efficient access to mental health and general well-being services. This service is designed for employees and their family members.

The other part of Scott’s business focuses on providing these same services for people in the community. There is a nationwide crisis right now of people who need help not being able to get help when they need it. When they decide they need help, it may take weeks or months for one to open up, and that could be disastrous. Scott commented, "One of the things that is frustrating is knowing that when a person needs services, they have to wait so long for an appointment with a professional. My goal is to be able to see that person within 72 hours."

I asked him about his method of supporting clients, and he brought up a plethora of reasons why online visits work so well. First of all, the website he uses is protected, and HIPPA compliant. What this means is, nobody will know you are seeing a clinician, and that erases the stigma that goes along with asking for help. The website is secure, so your information and sessions are confidential. No one will know you are getting support unless you tell them. His practice is cash based, so not even your insurance company will know you are seeking his help. No car parked outside an office, and you are having your appointment at your home, so you don't have to go anywhere. Evening and early morning appointments are available so you can even do your appointment in your pajamas!

There is a lot of research that says the efficacy of this method of providing coaching, counseling, and therapy is just as effective as when it is done in person and the results are as good as or better than traditional in-person methods. Think about go online, fill out your form, choose your appointment time that is convenient for your schedule, and don't have to get dressed, hop in your car and drive to your appointment. It is a totally non-invasive, confidential and comfortable way to help you with whatever issues you are facing.

Let's face facts. We all need support at one time or another in our lives. Scott offers individual, couples, and family support as well as business solutions to help companies and their employees thrive. Maybe you are feeling stuck, and you need resources to assist you in overcoming obstacles in your life to make positive changes, and getting the happiness you deserve back in your life. Scott provides at your fingertips solutions and support to assist you in achieving your goals.

Ok, so how does this work? You decide to make an investment in your health, life or relationships. You go online to There you will find info about Scott and his business. Scroll down to the "contact me" portion of the website to fill in your info, and book your appointment. You will see an opportunity to receive a free 30-minute initial consultation with Scott to see if this is a good fit for you. If for some reason you decide not to pursue this route, Scott can refer you to other services that may be a better fit for your situation. NO obligation, and you won't know until you take that first step if this is a path for you to engage in. You really have everything to gain and nothing to lose by contacting Scott, so why wait? And as always, tell him Cheri sent you!