Claremont Food Forest


An experiment with a small-scale food forest in Claremont has been launched along the walking trail on the south side of the rail road tracks in Claremont. Ethan Reed, a city resident has planted some fruit trees with some permaculture plots beneath them.

The idea of the Food Forest or permaculture guild, is to create a small eco culture of compatible and self-sustaining plant life which will compliment the rest of the growth and produce food for people as well as the wildlife community. They include trees for fruit or nuts, edible vegetables underneath the canopy, soil building crops, weed control ground cover plants and pollen attracting flowers and flora.

When grown the concept is to beautify the area while producing quality healthy foods for harvest and provide soil building plants which sustain the environment.

There are currently walnut trees growing along the area and Ethan has planted two apple trees, two cherry trees and two plum trees along with 300 onions sets this spring. There are wild raspberries and asparagus currently growing as well. He plans to continue to add trees and plants in the future and within a few years the produce should be able to be harvested.

He had to remove a great number of garlic mustard plants which had taken over the area. While garlic mustard does have herbal benefits, it will take over the rest of the garden if not controlled.

The goal of the food forest is to provide a community food source that anyone can harvest and use, but will be contingent on whether the community manages it or abuses it.