Claremont History Chat and Museum Opening


One of our current projects at the Dodge County Historical Society is collecting history of the Claremont area.

We’re interested in the city’s history as well as what happened in the townships around Claremont. Our first history chat in March brought out a good sized crowd of people with history to share. Another get-together is planned for Thursday, June 6 at 1:30 p.m. in the park pavilion in the Claremont business district. If you’re interested in history, or have stories to tell, please join us, all are welcome!

The Historical Society’s Museum is open to visitors during the summer, with regular hours of 1 to 4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. Located in Mantorville, on Highway 57 across from the Courthouse, the Museum is housed in a building that was originally built and dedicated as an Episcopal church. Parking is located in the alley behind the building. It’s possible to get here in spite of this season’s road construction.

The Museum is home to several permanent exhibits.

A wooden dugout canoe hangs on the east wall, discovered in Dodge County on the

eastern shore of Rice Lake and donated to the Historical Society in the 1990s, was made by indigenous people who harvested wild rice on Rice Lake. According to carbon dating, it was created between 1790 and 1850.

A collection of machine guns, mostly from the World War I era, is in the basement.

A collection of artifacts that belonged to Col. James George, a veteran of the Mexican American War and the Civil War, is located in the basement. Col. George was the attorney who owned the law office in Wasioja that became the Civil War Recruiting Station.

A new exhibit of community bands in our county a hundred years ago includes instruments, uniforms and photos of town bands of that era.

We have extensive records of the people who have lived in Dodge County since the 1850s, and we welcome visitors who are doing family research.

As well as the regular open hours, we're happy to make appointments for guests at other times. Phone or email a day or two in advance, and we can arrange a time for your visit. Phone and leave a message at 507-635-5508 or email