Faith in Action


Faith in Action is recognizing and celebrating one of our faithful volunteers, Barb Maplethorpe. Barb’s Faith in Action story follows.

“I became interested in Faith in Action after visiting their booth at the 2019 Dodge County Expo. Even though I shared on my application that I was rather particular as to which chores I cared to do, they still accepted me. Happy day! Soon I was trusted with sending birthday cards to the fine folks associated with Faith in Action. This sort of task is right up my alley – paperwork (which I love) and a sit-down job (which I really love) and I do love sending cards; I already mail hundreds to family and friends each year. These past couple years I have stretched myself to help serve ice cream at the Kasson Festival in the Park and at Marigold Days. Last fall I was even trusted to be around all of those delicious pies at the Soup and Pie Dinner!

And although I feel my contribution to Faith in Action is limited, all of the FIA folks I have dealt with have been so nice and very appreciative of my efforts.”

Thanks to Barb for giving FIA a try! D0oes this type of volunteering speak to you? If you are interested in putting your “faith in action,” you will find a volunteer application to print and complete on our website under forms on the menu. If you are aware of someone who could benefit from the services of Faith In Action, a Care Recipient application can be printed off the website also. If you do not have internet access, please call 507-634-3654 for either application.