Local Author Claims Book Banned


Local author Terry Eckstein held a press conference in Mantorville to protest his book being banned in a Mantorville bookstore. Eckstein has previously authored two children's novels, which are offered for sale at the Mantorville Art Guild. Eckstein's latest release is a book he says was inspired by his career in the Human Resources department at a Dodge County business.

The Mantorville Art Guild and other Mantorville residents countered his claim, stating that the book wasn't banned, but that the Art Guild decided not to stock the book for sale in their store since their clientele consists of a large number of elementary children, which attend their cultural programs and they felt that the adult nature of the subject of the book as well as the graphic detail of the sexual escapades he writes about were inappropriate for that age group.

The book, "Behind Closed Doors", is the author's version of what went on fifteen years ago while he was employed and subsequently terminated from his position. He has added a "trigger warning", in the forward of the novel because of the sensitive subjects and graphic rendition of his version of the stories while he was employed in that profession.

The book is available online at Amazon as well as Johnson's General Store in Kasson.