Mr. Johnson is now a part of the Southeast Minnesota’s Top Driving School and he’s bringing it to Triton!


The Enhanced Driving Institute is proud to offer the most comprehensive driver’s education program available, and we are extremely excited to be bringing our program to Triton High School with a teacher the students know and trust! Our next class will run June 5th – 16th and we will offer another class again in November. Class will be from 9:00 a.m.- noon and will be held in the Triton MS Media Center.

All students over 14 years old are legally eligible for class, though we recommend waiting until students are 15 or nearly 15. Our Complete Package ($415) includes 30 hours of classroom instruction AND the 6 hours of Behind the Wheel Training with a licensed instructor that is required by the state of MN. All behind the wheel lessons will begin and end at our Rochester campus location. The Complete Package is subject to a one year program agreement which requires all 3 behind the wheel lessons to be completed 10 months after the first day of class. Students who will not turn 15 for a bit, could also register for the Classroom Only Package ($240). The Classroom Only Package is not subject to a program agreement. These students would receive their Blue Card when they enroll in BTW training ($240).

All registration is done completely online through our website:

If you want to know more about our program e-mail Mr. Johnson: