The Farm Store


On the Main Street of West Concord, two blocks from the bowling alley, something is afoot. April 1st is the Grand Opening of the Farm Store. The Gochnauers are working hard to welcome you to their new endeavor, and it's pretty exciting!

Megan and Jacob are no strangers to the area. Both are from West Concord, and although they moved to Dodge Center for awhile, they're back and living their dream. With Ryder (2) and Graysen (1) by their sides, they are building a family business on the farm.

With a herd of 30 dairy cows, a couple horses, a few barn cats, and many sheep and goats along with one lovely potbelly pig, there are plenty of critters running around. They got licensed to sell beef on the farm last year to supplement their livestock transportation business, and dairy farming endeavors. Both Megan and Jacob drive any type of livestock to the auctions, the market, or another farm location. "What we're doing right now is kind of our hobby", says Megan. "A big hobby!"

The plan is to have not only beef and pork products this year, but also vegetables in season, flower and vegetable seedlings, hanging baskets, pumpkins, sand seasonal decor at the farm store. There will be farm antiques and decor for sale as well. Megan acquired a cottage food license, allowing her to make and sell products such as jams and jellies, canned vegetables, pickles and beef broth. Baked goods will also be on the agenda.

This summer they have two Day Camps planned that will feature machinery, livestock, and farm safety as well as education of where your food comes from. They also travel to birthday parties with some of their animals, and once even surprised a 5 year old girl's birthday party with a unicorn! True story! They can do hay rides too! Some of you may have even been to the farm for their events, or seen their traveling petting zoo out and about. Be sure to stop in and wish them well as they begin their newest adventure!